Everyone Wants To Live In Norwich, NR8

NR8 Norwich

Previously we wrote about how great the Norwich postcode NR8 is and that had a bit of an effect; we were inundated with people wanting to look at homes in this location.
Having all these potential buyers are great, but ideally, we would have liked more homes to show them, so now we have a waiting list!

We now have plenty of people who want to live in any of these areas:

Thorpe Marriott

and now we would like more homes to be able to show them.

Some of the requests from customers wanting to move to NR8 are:

Need a detached family home
Must have a large garden
Would ideally like to have a garage
Bungalow, please
Near Nightingale Infant School
Near Drayton Community Infant School

We need more homes in Norwich NR8 area to fulfil our waiting list.

Do you live in Norwich NR8, have you recently thought about moving? Would you like to know how much your home is worth?

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