Norfolk Property online Celebrates its Second Birthday

Norfolk Property online is celebrating its second birthday!

Norfolk Property online Birthday banner

It’s an exciting milestone, and we can’t wait to give some gifts to the people who have helped and supported us to get there. We’re giving you a present for each year!

All you have to do to join in with the celebrations and claim your gifts is to Click HERE 

Before we announce what’s in this lovely package, we think it’s only fitting that we let you know what you’ve been supporting during the last two years.

What is Norfolk Property online?

Norfolk Property online is a true hybrid estate agent.

What is a hybrid estate agent?

This is a very good question to ask and the best person to answer it is Dan, Norfolk Property online Branch Manager. Dan explains “A hybrid estate agent takes the best parts of both traditional and online estate agencies. We describe it as traditional meets digital, with intelligence. The role of a hybrid is the ability to advertise your home for the low-cost fees online agents are known for, while still retaining the benefits of a commission driven, local team, who know the area you are selling or buying in.” Maintaining this traditional estate agency side of the service is important. Online estate agents are well known for offering a low-cost fee which simply enables the seller a route to list their property on popular web portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, but that’s where it stops. A hybrid estate agent still offers that low-cost option but without compromising on essential services such as the ones we provide.

Some of those services are:
A pool of local property experts who know the area.
Many types of local property available.
Property experts who are extensively trained to negotiate.
Professional photography.
Interactive floorplans
Walkthrough video tours
360-degree room 4k room pictures
Facebook live viewings
Individual property blogs
Daily matching out of property particulars
Daily call outs to buyers whose requirements match your property
Accompanied viewings
Dedicated after sales service ensuring sales progression is smooth and hassle-free.

Dan says, “Because we have an expert property team with over 40 experience selling homes in Norfolk, we can offer services that an ordinary online-only agent never could. We have the expertise, meaning we not only help you get the best possible price for your home but will also give you plenty of information and guidance which will make selling or purchasing a home a good experience. Norfolk Property online is modern in its approach to digital advertising, moving on from outdated paper-based advertising. However, we still promote our properties offline but we use intelligently targeted campaigns. Essentially, we are not wasteful; we run our business as cost effectively as possible enabling us to pass this saving down to our sellers. We have taken the time to assess what areas of marketing both online and offline work and what areas simply don’t work anymore. We embrace change and we have moulded the way we sell around what people want and what is effective for our client.”

Traditional high street agencies VS hybrid agencies.

While a traditional, high street agency may offer some of the services we do, they will no doubt provide a lot of out-dated, unnecessary and ineffective services which requires them to claw this wasteful expenditure back through charging higher fees to its clients. For example, the typical traditional agency fee for its clients is 1% of the sale + VAT, so a house sold at £250,000 would have a total fee of £3,000 from the seller. Our cost-effective model, on the other hand, allows us to provide the essential services and more at much more competitive prices. Our fees start at a single upfront payment of £695 saving the seller, in the above example, a total of £2,305. Norfolk Property online also offers a no sale, no fee option which means precisely what it says, if there is no sale, then we don’t expect payment for our services.

Now let’s talk about our Birthday! For the Birthday celebrations, we would like to offer you a gift, actually two gifts, one for each year we’ve been in business.

Our first gift to you is:
A beautiful video tour of your home filmed and edited by our in house photographer free of charge, usually costing £299.

Our second gift to you is:
A featured online property portal for your property, giving it all the attention it deserves free of charge usually costing £199.

All you have to do to join in with the celebrations and claim your gifts is to Click HERE

Follow the instructions to claim your gifts