Top tips for an easy move


Moving house can often become a rollercoaster of emotions; from the excitement of arriving at your new home to the stress of squeezing your sofa through the door. However, with our top tips, moving house will be a lot more enjoyable.

Clear the clutter

Clearing your old home of unwanted items may seem like an added task but it has many benefits. It will save you time packing and unpacking; it will also give you some extra space in your new home, and can even make you some money if you sell your unwanted items. Unwanted items and furniture can also be donated to charity. Many charities will also arrange to collect furniture from you.

Clean your new home ASAP

When you move into your new home, you may find it’s filled with dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a quick clean before you start unpacking. This will make the whole process more comfortable and is one less thing to worry about once you’ve moved in.

Take photos of your arrangement

Before you start packing, first take photos of every room from several different angles. That way you’ll know exactly where everything is located, saving you time. Even if you’re planning on changing a room’s layout, this tip may still be useful as you’ll be able to quickly notice any missing items. Also, take photos of your electronics so you can remember how and where the wires go.

Wrap up your draws and cupboards

Why waste time emptying your draws just to refill them later that day? Instead, keep them full, and then simply wrap them up with cling film or shrink wrap keeping it held together. This may not work for your wardrobes, but instead, keep your clothes on their hangers and place them into bin bags.

Recruit your family and friends

Not only will having extra pairs of hands on deck speed up the process of moving house, it will also make the experience more fun and enjoyable. It also won’t cost you anything extra (although you may want to repay their helpfulness with a few pints or a bottle of wine).

Skip the bubble wrap

Instead of spending money on packing supplies, take the thrifty route and use some of your household items to save money and space. Socks, towels and old newspaper can be used to wrap your breakables.

Prepare an essentials bag

Although moving into your new home will likely only take a day, unpacking, on the other hand, may take you much longer. Therefore, to avoid spending hours digging through your boxes in search of your missing phone charger, you may want to pack a bag with all of your essentials inside.

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