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Get multiple valuations

Before your property can go on the market, you will need to set a sale price, and before you can do that, you need to know how much your property is worth. The best way to find your home’s value is to have it valued by estate agents. Most agents will offer no obligation valuations, which you should exploit! Having your property valued by multiple agents will give you a strong idea of how much the property is worth.

Choosing the right agent

Whilst some properties will ‘sell themselves’, all properties will require an estate agent to get the best price possible. This is why choosing the right agent for your property is essential. The agent should have experience with selling properties like yours and a strong local knowledge of both the general area and the property market in that area. They should also have a large reach and a variety of marketing techniques.

Norfolk Property sells properties all across Norfolk. This means we have an extensive list of buyers as well as our variety of marketing techniques.

Set the right asking price

Whilst an agent will tell you the value of your home and guide you to marketing it at the correct price, the choice is ultimately yours. The price of your property should be something you’re happy with but must be realistic. Remember, your property is only worth what someone is prepared to pay. The estate agent you’re using should have a good idea of what your property is worth, but most importantly, will know what it can sell for. This is something you may not know.

Set clear goals

Having clear goals and objectives will put you in a strong position throughout the marketing and sale of your home. You should decide on your ideal sale price, the lowest offer you’re willing to accept, and any time frames that you’re aiming for. Would you rather sell your home quickly but at a discount, or wait until the right buyer comes along?

Communication is key

Clear and regular communication with your agent is fundamental to getting the optimal result from your sale. Ask your agent for regular updates on how the marketing is going; ask for advice if things aren’t going as planned. Also, be open about how much you’re looking for the property as the more information your agent has, the better!

Norfolk Property Online is contactable 24/7. So you won’t have to worry about a lack of communication with us. 

Expect the unexpected

If you’ve bought or sold a property before you may well have experienced the unexpected already. With long chains, negotiations, surveys, and solicitors, sales will often get delayed or fall through altogether. So it’s essential that you’re prepared for potential problems that may arise.

Trust your agent

Our final tip is to trust your agent and their ability to get the best result for you. They will be on the forefront of finding buyers, arranging viewings, negotiating, and sales chasing so it’s important that you trust them.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, get in touch with Norfolk Property Online to see what we can do for you! We can be reached on 01603 300900 or by email: [email protected]