Using colour psychology to sell your home


For hundreds of years, colour has been used for a variety of reasons. Ancient Egyptians were known to use different colours for ailments and cures, whilst Issac Newton used colour to better mankind’s understanding of psychics. Even now, colour plays a huge role in branding and marketing of worldwide companies. As we all know, colour is also used throughout homes. Each year we hear about the latest must-have colours for your home. But there is a little more to it than the latest trends. In fact, research suggests that colour (and more specifically, colour psychology) can play a part in selling your home.

What is colour psychology?

If you’re new to the concept of colour psychology, it’s the study of hues and the effect they have on human behaviour. Colour can subtly influence a person’s perception of something and can be used to influence someone’s emotions. Whilst research into colour psychology has produced varying results, it is clear that colour can have an effect on a person’s emotions. It is widely used in branding and marketing to induce a response for potential customers. Research suggests that using warm colours in windows displays and advertisements tend to attract spontaneous purchases, despite cooler colours being more favourable.

Colour psychology within your home

The use of colour psychology isn’t just reserved for big brands; it can be used subtly to great effect. In fact, research suggests that homes with a soft yellow exterior sell the quickest compared to any other colour. It’s believed that lighter colours will make a property appear bigger whilst properties with dark painted features can make a property look smaller. Now we’re not necessarily suggesting that you paint your home yellow when you come to sell, but instead, think of ways you can use colours to influence a potential buyer. For example, placing yellow flowers close to the front door will make people feel uplifted and welcome when they come to view your home.

Whilst there is no right or wrong answer for the colours to use on the interior of your property, using colour over plain white walls and features will have a positive effect on your home and the people viewing it. The best colour for each room will usually depend on the use of the room, the style of the property, and the design of the room. However, there are some guidelines you can follow. Painting the living room in a similar colour or shade to the exterior is a good option when selling your home, as if someone is viewing the interior of your home, they most likely admire the exterior. Also, repeating shades of the exterior colour throughout your home will bring a sense of harmony and balance throughout the property.

For bathrooms and kitchens, using natural colours works best as it adds consistency and creates a natural feel. Whereas bedrooms will often benefit from deeper shades of colour, which implies intimacy and calmness.

However, we believe that subtlety is key to influencing people’s perceptions of your home. You don’t have to redecorate your entire home, but instead, utilise colours within decorations such as rugs, cushions, bedding, and artwork.

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