Norfolk Property Online Needs You!


Norfolk Property Online is recruiting! Whilst probably not the most exciting headline for everybody it certainly will be for those currently stuck in the monotony of a sales job that neither challenges nor provides opportunity. In my early years of door to door sales, I was told that “everybody has a sell-by date in the field” and to a lesser extent I have come to understand that this can be true for any sales job. It doesn’t matter if your team or management change, if the product or service remains static within its industry what hope do you have of progressing personally within it? Never mind the monumental effort it will take to maintain that same level of enthusiasm to attain sales year upon year.

Now onto the fun part. Norfolk Property Online has been created to bridge the gap between your traditional high street estate agent and the national online estate agents. We believe that to move forward we need to adapt to our client’s needs and this means we need to continually evolve with the service and products we provide.

We embrace technology and the benefits it can bring to our clients, we don’t believe that the products used one year will not necessarily be the best for the following year. This means as an employee you will be expected to not only incorporate what we provide but be regularly challenged to find alternatives. Out of the box thinking has never been such an important part of a job role… said no employer ever.

Your sales experience is not as essential as you may think, what we place importance on is your capability to engage with people. If you can talk to people about their favourite cloud formations, the potential dangers of Brexit, NHS issues or the fact that in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones has no relevance on the outcome of the movie, we can teach you to sell property.

Social media plays a big part in what we do. Simply put, it’s what helps clients identify us as an estate agent they can trust and also in finding them a buyer for their property, with 36 million users in the UK, it has huge potential. So, if you have more selfies on Instagram than you would ever want to admit, your Facebook friends can reel off every meal you’ve eaten over the last week and your Twitter feed is more active than Sir Alan Sugars and Piers Morgan’s combined we want to hear from you.

Whilst the core of the job will involve the selling of client’s homes there will also be opportunity to take on roles within the different aspects of estate agency. This goes back to the “everybody has a sell-by date in the field” quote mentioned earlier, it’s hugely important to us that our employees enjoy what they do and we understand the need to keep a job fresh to ensure this happens. As we’ve done with the company itself, we will evolve with you, if you feel your talents could be used differently we will explore options together, longevity is paramount to us as it will be for our clients.

If you feel that you fit the role or if you’d like to discuss it in more depth I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on 01603 300900 or 07585529722.