From the Busy City to the Quiet Countryside



Norfolk is gaining in popularity with city-dwellers, especially from London. Sometimes the constant stresses and chaotic nature of big cities can become too much, and a countryside move is needed. However, living in the countryside is very different to living in London. There are different things to consider when searching for a Norfolk home. It’s important to get this process right. So we’ve assembled some considerations to bear in mind.

What are your requirements?

First things first, it’s important to think about what requirements you have for both your future home and its location.  Whilst some things are obvious commodities in big cities, they may not be in parts of Norfolk. For example, public transport is widely available in London. However, many Norfolk towns and villages have limited transport option. So if buses and trains are essential to your daily commute, it’s important that you check what options are available before purchasing a home. Likewise, some areas in Norfolk may have slower broadband speeds and limited phone signal compared to big cities. On the other hand, there are many commodities which are more available in Norfolk than in London. For instance, houses with off-road parking and big gardens are easier to find in Norfolk and may not drastically affect the value of the property as much as they can in London.

Choosing an agent

The most important part of choosing an agent in Norfolk is finding one with good knowledge who understands the area well. Norfolk has a variety of different towns and villages, and thus a variety of properties. Luckily, we can help you with that. At Norfolk Property Online, we have over 40 years combined experience in the Norfolk property market and being from Norfolk, we know the county very well.

Community and Culture

One of the biggest shocks Londoners face when living in Norfolk is how open and chatty people are. You may find yourself leaving your local café with an update on the local news and gossip, as well as your morning coffee. Many Norfolk towns and villages have a strong community and are very welcoming to new residents. If this is something you’re looking for then speaking to local residents is a great way to find out first-hand about the area and the community.

The countryside is often criticised by Londoners for lacking culture. However, this cannot be said about Norwich, which is thriving with culture. The city is packed with music venues, art galleries, festivals, cinemas, theatres, museums, as well as hundreds of independent businesses offering their best products and services. So if you’re one for culture, then Norwich is the place for you.

If you would like to find out more about a Norfolk location or are interested in buying a property in Norfolk, our property experts are happy to help. Call our office on (01603) 300900, or contact us via email at [email protected]