Prepare Your Property For Viewings


bright stylish living room white walls and furniture


One of the most important stages of selling your home is when potential buyers come to view your property. Simply, if they don’t like the look of it, they will not want to live there. This means it’s essential to have your home looking as good as possible, ready to be viewed.

Preparing the exterior

Making good first impressions are very important when presenting your home to a buyer as people will often subconsciously decide whether or not they like your home. When viewing a house the first thing a buyer will see is the outside of the property. So we need to make the exterior as appealing as possible. Think about how appealing your property looks from the outside. Mowed lawns, trimmed hedges, clean pathways, and colourful flowers can make your home feel more welcoming. Also, consider giving the doors and window frames a fresh coat of paint.

Don’t neglect your home

Be sure to finish off any odd DIY jobs around your house. Whether it be fixing dodgy doors or painting a room, make sure your DIY jobs are completed and your house is well maintained. Although some buyers look for ‘fix-up’ properties, most will feel less uncertain and less stressed buying a home that is already finished.

Declutter your home

As well as appearing untidy, clutter can make a room look and feel smaller. Buyers may also feel like their storage and design options are limited when looking at a cluttered house. So to counter this, make sure everything is stored away neatly and each room is as tidy as possible.

Showcase your property’s selling points

Every home is different and each one may have certain features which are highly valued by buyers. For instance, off-road parking for a city centre property is highly sought after. It’s very important that you emphasise and showcase your property’s key feature. These can be things like, a great view or secure parking.

Create a warm vibe

It’s not just how your property looks to the buyer but also how it makes them feel. It’s important to create a warm welcoming vibe so the buyer can picture themselves living there. There are several things you can do to achieve this. Firstly, let light into every room. It’s better to use natural light but failing this, artificial light will work. Just don’t overdo it! Next, have your house smelling nice. Bad odours can easily put buyers off your property. So make sure bins are emptied, and candles are lit. Another thing to consider is the temperature. If it’s a cold day, put on the heating. Equally, if it’s a warm day, open a few windows and let in a breeze. Finally, if possible, get a friend or neighbour to look after any pets, as buyers may be put off by a giant dog hurtling towards them.

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