Norfolk Online, is it really?


close up of a computer cable


When you’re looking to buy a house, what commodities do you consider essential? Most people would see the neighbourhood, local schools, parking, and crime rates as important aspects to consider. What about good broadband? As our reliance on the internet grows by the day, so does the importance of fast broadband. This is now seen as essential by many homebuyers, with fast broadband being ranked higher than off-street parking when considering buying a property. So essential is it that property portals, including Rightmove, have added broadband speeds to its property details, emphasising the importance it can have when buying or selling a property.

With Norfolk appearing to many outsiders to be a County of farmers out of touch with developing technology, it’s understandable why those seeking a home may look past parts of the County in search of speedy broadband. However, Norfolk is determined to keep up with the evolving technology. In 2012, Norfolk County Council, in partnership with BT, launched Better Broadband for Norfolk. This scheme aims to provide better broadband speeds to rural homes and businesses across Norfolk, with the end goal of supplying high-speed broadband to more than 95 per cent of Norfolk’s premises by spring 2020. So far, the £68 million funding has been put to good use with the percentage of Norfolk homes that have broadband speeds of 24Mbps+ doubling from 42 per cent in 2012 to 84 per cent in 2015. With the project in full swing and nearing the 95 per cent target, homes and businesses across the county are greatly benefitting from faster broadband. You can check to see if your home is eligible for faster broadband by clicking here. If you’re in the 84 per cent of Norfolk with access, then a quick call to your internet service provider can have you browsing the web with that sweet 24Mbps+ in no time at all! If you’re selling your Norfolk home, then it may also be worth checking the broadband speeds in your area, as a fast broadband connection can add up to 5 per cent to the value of your home.

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