Local Legends – Christophe’s Crepes


Christophe's Crepe van in Norwich


Christophe’s Crepes is a family-run mobile catering service supplying the tastiest crepes to Norwich. Chris decided to start selling crepes 7 years ago as he wanted to share his love and passion for crepes with the rest of Norwich. For the last 5 years, Chris has been dishing out his delicious snacks at Davey Place in the centre of the city, every Thursday through to Sunday. As well as this, he also caters for various events, mainly weddings.  Chris believes his event catering drastically helped his business gain popularity in the first few years when business was slow and competition was fierce. Since then, Christophe’s Crepes has had much success and has become one of Norwich’s most popular street-food vendors.

Chris’ mobile creperie comes all the way from France. It’s stylish pink worktops and stainless steel construction fits the arty aesthetic of Norwich and looks right at home parked in between Norwich Castle and Norwich Market.

Once the city has quietened down and the day comes to end, Chris then takes his passion home with him, as he often cooks crepes and pancakes for his two children.

Exploring the various independent business of Norwich, we’ve noticed a large number of them are born from the founder’s passion for their product or service, and Christophe’s Crepes are no exception. Although he hadn’t always worked in the catering industry, he always had a love for crepes and was determined to take it one step further. Thankfully he did and has since blessed Norwich with his tasty crepes.