What Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell a Norfolk Property?



Old houses around a courtyard at The Great Hospital, Norwich,, which was founded in 1249 to care for aged priests, poor scholars and sick and hungry paupers.Please see my Norfolk lightbox for many other aspects of Norfolk.


The stresses and headaches of selling a property are enough on their own, without having to worry about which time of year is best to generate the greatest levels of interest and highest value. With countless years of combined estate agency experience at Norfolk Property Online, we know that the early spring months are traditionally the better times to sell.

The Christmas decorations are stored away in the loft, New Year celebrations are a hazy memory and resolutions are beginning to reach breaking point. Attention can now be paid to buying a new home. What’s more is that the end of winter is coupled with an influx of sunshine and blue skies, which generally tends to optimise buyer’s mentalities.

Another incentive for moving comes from a parent’s perspective. Mothers and Fathers often think about moving to Norfolk around spring time, so that they are situated within a catchment area of a reputable school for the beginning of the next academic year.

20 degrees Celsius, sunshine and summer may seem like the best time to market your home, but with large numbers of people flocking for their overseas summer holidays, it creates a ‘tail off of activity’ in the market. You will be marketing your property to a limited audience and when it comes to selling your home, you want the biggest audience possible.

Having added active buyers in a crowded marketplace will also mean that you should be able to generate a larger price tag for your property.

If you have thought about the possibility of selling your home in 2017 and would like to exploit the ideal selling time. Norfolk Property Online can arrange a free valuation, which will give you an idea of what your property could generate in the current market. You can book your free valuation on our website or via phone on (01603) 300900.